Storytelling (& more)


In 2014, I began experimenting with the ancient art of storytelling and have not looked back since. I am also trained as a scientist and sometimes add a bit of science into the mix, making the performance slightly more like a talk. Please check the links below for details of what I can offer and past events. These links will be updated as my repertoire increases.

On the storytelling front (but expect some thoughts):

On the talk front (but expect stories):

If you are interested in a collaboration; or to book a performance or a talk, please contact me.

Sometimes the stories I resonate with come from a culture that is not mine or landscapes I have never visited. I always tell stories with the utmost respect and follow the cultural rules I am aware of – for example, at what time of the year it is appropriate to tell a particular story.

York Theatre Royal – courtesy of the 2019 Take Over festival