Tales from the Deep North
A weave of myths, legends and travelogue from Scandinavia, where I have extensively travelled (see here for links to images and writing).


The Return of the Light
A celebration of the Winter Solstice through stories and myths from all continents.


  • Le retour de la lumière (performance in French), St Nicolas-de-la-Grave, France, December 2016,
    A nos latitudes, quand l’automne avance et que les nuits s’allongent, le soleil semble disparaître, peut-être pour de bon. L’hiver devient un temps d’introspection marqué par le jour du solstice, le plus court de l’année. Ce jour-là, la lumière revient, apportant l’espoir d’un nouveau cycle et du printemps à venir. 




Tales from the Frontline
An inspiring blend of stories and testimonies from communities on the frontline of the struggle against the spread of oil and gas corporations.


  • with Cath Heinemeyer & Guests, Divest Week, York, UK, May 2017.



I was educated as a scientist, with a PhD spent studying stellar magnetic fields; I work as a maths teacher, and blog about technologies. So sometimes, I bring science into the mix.

Facing the impossible in Physics
An evening discussing scientific progress in the context of prevailing views.


  • with J.Y. Saville, York Festival of Ideas, York, UK, June 2018.
    Jacqui wrote a blog post about our performance.
    The artwork drawing by Jess Wallace was inspired by this video from DJSadhu, which reminds us that the Sun is moving too.

Tick-Tock, Stories of Clocks
An exploration of the concept of time through stories, readings and science.

  • with J.Y. Saville, York Festival of Ideas, York, UK, June 2016.
    Jacqui wrote an article about our performance and the philosophy behind it for the SciArt magazine STEAM special.

In the Beginning and What Came After
Many stories and a bit of science to investigate the tension between Order & Chaos.

  • with Cath Heinemeyer & Guests, York Festival of Ideas, York Theatre Royal, York, UK, June 2014.
  • Au commencement et ce qui s’en suit (a family performance in French)St-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, France, April 2015.


All drawings © Jess Wallace