Black & White film photography


In 2015, I returned to Black & White film photography after a 15-year break. When shapes and colours are too much to behold, it helps me focus on the light, the shades, the textures. Most of my shots are taken with a 50mm lens on manual settings; all are hand printed in the dark room and unique. I enjoy the simplicity of this hands-on process, and the aleas of light playing with chemistry. Above all, I love spending time outside, looking.

I have projects based around animals, trees, stones, landscapes and travel. Please see the galleries here. Prints sizes are approximately 17 by 24 cm unframed.

Colour & Travel


I do enjoy working with colours too. I use colour photographs to record my travels, lately using a pocket digital camera or mobile phone that I can easily get out of my pocket at a turn of the light.

Currently, I offer a collection of photograph of the European North as well as a project called ‘Other Worlds’ on the colours and textures accessible to the human eye. Please see the galleries here. Any print is made on archival quality mat paper.

If you are interested in an exhibition or in buying a print, please contact me.

Current exhibition

Mythical Woods_Exhibitin Artists Poster

Past exhibitions

  • Earth Patterns, a digital photography exhibition on, spring 2021.
  • Artbound’s ‘Return to Nature’ exhibition, Legacy Arts Gallery, Todmorden, UK, 11th September – 6th October 2019.

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  • Artbound’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ exhibition, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, UK, 27th November – 21st December 2018.

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  • Guest at Jess Wallace’s exhibition: New work in bronze, Paul Smith, Mayfair, London, December 2017


  • Guest at Jess Wallace’s exhibition: Other Nations, The Artefact Gallery, London, November 2015