Tales of a Starry Night Podcast

Composite image of the Milky Way galaxy by ESO/ S. Brunier

A warm welcome to my podcast page.

Here you will find the links to all episodes of Tales of a Starry Night, a stories & science podcast on the wonders of the night sky, with accompanying notes. Episodes are 15 to 20 minutes long, appearing twice a month around the times of the New Moon and Full Moon. I hope you enjoy listening, but more than anything else, I hope they give you the impetus to go out in the dark and look up at the stars.

Please note:

  • These podcast are for all ages, but please be aware that some stories and myths involve more adult themes – Zeus’s famous infidelities are an example. Parents are encouraged to have a first listen before sharing with children.
  • In this podcast, I consider what different people have seen in the night sky, and so tell stories from cultures that are not mine. I always do so with full respect and gratitude, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments.

Episode 1 : An introduction to the Milky Way

Tales & Shapes · Episode 1, An introduction to the Milky Way


Beyond the internet, as a starting point for stories, I consult Beyond the Blue Horizon by E.C. Krupp (Harper & Collins, 1991) and look for further sources. Mentioned in the podcast are Sidereus Nuncius published by Galileo’s 1610, I consulted a translation by  (University of Chicago Press, 1989), and Star Lore of All Ages by William Tyler Olcott (The Knickerbrocker Press, 1991). On the Great Emu in the Sky, I recommend reading this article by Wiradjuri Woman and astronomer Kirsten Banks.

A close up of the Coalsack Nebula. Image by ESO

Published 24/06/2020