Once upon a time…


In 2014, I began experimenting with the ancient art of storytelling and have not looked back since. Below is a list of performances I currently offer. If you are interested in a collaboration or to book a performance, please do not hesitate to contact me. All performances can be adapted to run online.


“We both THOROUGHLY enjoyed each talk by Alice Courvoisier, her story telling was wonderful and especially The Wonders of the Night Sky, she held us all in awe, (she can tell me stories any time) we were entranced!!!!” 

“Thank you for the fabulous stories this evening, evocative and inspiring.”

“Thank you! Such a lovely evening and some great stories, music and images!”

Under the Moonlight


Imagine a time with no electric lights, a time when nights were so dark that the familiar face of the Moon was a most welcome sight. People saw many things there: a rabbit; a man; a woman with water buckets and a tree; seas; dust so thin it penetrates everything.

This night, we’ll share tales of the Moon from different epochs and cultures to celebrate its role as light bringer, time keeper, and inspirer of stories.

For more details & past performances, see here.

Stories of the Stars


Take a journey into the night sky as we explore various constellations and hear their stories from different cultural perspectives, with a touch of astronomy.

The content of this our-and-a-half storytelling session can be adapted in different ways: it can focus on who is visible at the time of the performance and (weather permitting) be followed by an observation session; it can be accompanied by the projection of images of the night sky from research telescopes.

For more details & past performances, see here.

Norse mythology


Tonight is a special night. The people have gathered in the chieftain’s longhouse where the fire burns high and bright sending shadows running along the wooden walls. Tonight, the völva – the prophetess – has joined the settlement to remind the people of their lore and warn them of tidings to come. As she settles in the high seat, the women begin to sing the sacred songs that will send her to the world of the spirits. She closes her eyes, and begins to speak.

For more details and past performances, see here.

Stories of Trees


Trees have been on this planet much longer than us and have a life and awareness that we can hardly guess at.

By looking with no other agenda than wonder and curiosity, we gain a growing appreciation and respect for these ancient species.

The tellings of ancient myths and folktales celebrating trees and forests can be interspersed with a touch of biology.

For more details and past performances, see stories on the more-than-human world,

The nature of Time


Tick tock: The sound of time passing, inevitably, one interval after another. But time hasn’t always been so abstract, so linear, so regular. Join us for an exploration of the concept of time through myths and stories, and a touch of science.

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