Black & White photography



In 2015, I returned to Black & White film photography after a 15-year break. When shapes and colours are too much to behold, it helps me focus on the light, the shades, the textures. Most of my shots are taken with a 50mm lens on manual settings; all are hand printed in the dark room and unique. I enjoy the simplicity of this hands-on process, and the aleas of light playing with chemistry. Above all, I love spending time outside, looking.

Galleries can be accessed here.

Prints sizes are approximately 17 by 24 cm unframed.
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Current & upcoming exhibitions

To be updated soon.

Past exhibitions

  • Artbound’s ‘Return to Nature’ exhibition, Legacy Arts Gallery, Todmorden, UK, 11th September – 6th October 2019.

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  • Artbound’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ exhibition, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, UK, 27th November – 21st December 2018.

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  • Guest at Jess Wallace’s exhibition: New work in bronze, Paul Smith, Mayfair, London, December 2017


  • Guest at Jess Wallace’s exhibition: Other Nations, The Artefact Gallery, London, November 2015