The Big Questions

These fun and informative performances were originally designed for the York Festival of Ideas and address topics at the boundary between science, philosophy and mythology. By no means do they pretend to answer ‘the big questions’, rather they offer ideas, thought-provoking leads, and unusual angles, often tapping into the wisdom of folktales and forgotten history. Over the years, I have had the priviledge to collaborate with Yorkshire-based storyteller Cath Heinemeyer and writer J.Y. Saville. Whatever the topic, there are always fascinating stories to share and engage the imagination with. So far, we’ve looked at Order & Chaos, Time and progress in Physics. Currently, I am working on the 2020 theme: ‘Infinite Horizons‘.

Drawing by Jess Wallace for this inspired by this video from DJSadhu, reminding us that the Sun is moving too.

Past performances:

  • Facing the impossible in Physics An evening discussing scientific progress in the context of prevailing views with J.Y. Saville, York Festival of Ideas, June 2018.
    Jacqui wrote a blog post about our performance.
  • Tick-Tock, Stories of Clocks – An exploration of the concept of time through stories, readings and science with J.Y. Saville, York Festival of Ideas, June 2016.
    Jacqui wrote an article about our performance and the philosophy behind it for the SciArt magazine STEAM special. 
  • In the Beginning and What Came After – Many stories and a bit of science to investigate the tension between Order & Chaos with Cath Heinemeyer & Guests,  York Theatre Royal, June 2014. This performance was also shown in St-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, France, April 2015.