Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field, courtesy NASA/STScI

I always looked up to the night sky and I am blessed to be living in the Pembrokeshire National Park, away from city lights. This section is what motivated my interests in mythologies and storytelling as I wondered: what did other cultures see in the sky? The answers, I am discovering, are diverse and fascinating.

Currently, I can offer performances on star stories from around the world; on stories of the Moon; and stories of the Sun. The stories can be accompanied by a slide show of astronomical images, can be interspersed with mentions of astronomical discoveries (I studied the magnetic fields of sun-like stars for my PhD and post-doctoral research), or can complement star gazing activities.

Prompted by the lock-down, some of these stories are now part of the Tales of a Starry Night podcast. Do not hesitate to have a listen!


Past performances:

  • London Moon Festival, Greenwich Maritime Museum, July 2019. See here for an idea of how I sometimes mix genres and what the evening inspired me to write.
  • Wonders of the Night Sky, York Festival of Ideas, June 2019.

“We both THOROUGHLY enjoyed each talk by Alice Courvoisier, her story telling was wonderful and especially The Wonders of the Night Sky, she held us all in awe, (she can tell me stories any time) we were entranced!!!!” 2019 York Festival of Ideas Attendees.